Emerald - a mineral that is a precious variety of beryl. Well-formed crystals are extremely rare. It has many varieties of green color. One of the most famous in the world are specimens that originated in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Columbia and Zambia.<br /><br />Mineral highly sought after by collectors. Extremely valuable mineral for jewelry.<br /><br />Gem experts differ on the degree of green that makes one stone an emerald and another stone a less-expensive green beryl. Most gemologists, gemological laboratories, and colored stone dealers call a stone green beryl when its color is “too light” for it to be classified as emerald. Even among that group, however, there’s a difference of opinion about what’s considered “too light.” <br /><br />Emerald gemstone is most valuable gemstone and demand of this gemstone is very high now-a-days. Emerald or panna stone is used to make the attractive jewelry and jewelry of this stone is very famous among girls. This stone is also well known because of its attractive healing properties. This gemstone is considered as the cold gem, so this stone is most popular because of its astrological effects or benefits. Emerald indicates the planet “Mercury” or “Budh” so it is directly related to the “Budhi” only, as it represents the “Budh” so emerald is also known as “Budh Ratna”. If mercury planet is placed in your favor in your horoscope then emerald or panna stone will make you rise only. It is also known as the birthstone of the month “May”. I will discuss about the astrological benefits of emerald gemstone in this upcoming crumb of the blog.<br /><br />Emerald for wisdom and intellect: As per Vedic astrology, panna stone represents the planet mercury and this planet rules intellect. By wearing panna stone, a person can improve his intellectual power and also can gain wisdom. Natural emerald stone is best suitable for the scholars to improve their efficiency and can score well in exams.<br /><br />Emerald for Creativity: According to ancient astrologers, emerald stone helps to become more creative and provides good imaginations to its wearer. It also benefits to become more innovative to its wearers. This stone is considered to be beneficial for an artist, writer or media representative.<br /><br />Emerald for Financial Growth: Emerald is symbolization of prosperity. In the field of business panna or emerald is considered as the auspicious gemstone. It is the belief of people, to gain profit and to touch the peak of success; one should wear this emerald gemstone. Astrologers highly recommend this gemstone to those people who are in the profession of banking, share marketing, traveling agency, textile etc. Emerald also benefits the profession like “Doctor” and people can thrive in the field of research, IT sector etc.<br /><br />Emerald for Communication: Emerald stone can make your communication skills better and also helps to improve your oratory skills. Panna stone is considered as the “Vaani Karka” which means “Significator of Speech”. It bestows the confidence to its wearer and also helps to gain the power of expression which can lead toward the appreciation.<br /><br />Emerald for physical health: Emerald is very famous because of its attractive healing properties from the ancient time. It treats the major diseases like abdomen, kidney, heart and brain related diseases. Emerald helps to cure the skin related problems, respiratory problems and nervous system problems and this stone is also good for the pregnant women, as it decreases the stress level of a women and labor pain as well.<br /><br />Emerald for Marriage and True Love: According to the experts, emerald bestows the love in the relationship and also grants the faithfulness to its wearer. Some people believe that emerald gemstone built the better understanding and true love between the couple. It provides the positive thoughts about each other. Emerald also helps to deal with the stressful relationship and filled that relationship with love and happiness. It also heals the broken hearts and helps to get r