Celestine with Calcite from Afghanistan, 262 gram

Celestine with Calcite from Afghanistan, 262 gram

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Celestine With Calcite

❇️Cabinet Small Size:
71*62*42 mm
Crystal is 53 mm in height.
Weight: 262 grams

Darai Laman , Badghis province , Afghanistan 🇦🇫

Presenting this remarkable specimen features the deepest-color-saturated double terminated large fatty crystal I have ever seen, and it is perched at the centre of the beautiful matrix ,It has an imposing size to it,and the shape is unusually tabular and equant whereas most of these are pointed and slender in larger sizes.It just seemed unique out of all I had seen -and in person, the shocking color saturation combined sparkle yellow matrix that is hard to convey in video ,makes it incredibly impactful on a shelf.the size and colour is something i never saw myself buying much of in the past, because they were common. However,that is precisely why we should pay attention when they get THIS good ! It has so amazing display in person with really good colour and luster.

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