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About Minerals Paradise

We are in minerals and gemstones business since 1960s. Our Father Muhammad Nazir was pioneer of gemstones in Peshawar Namak Mandi market (now one of the main hubs of minerals business in Asia). Minerals Paradise was the official name given to our business in 2007. Since then we mostly conduct our business online on Etsy and Ebay. And in 2018 we launched this website mineralsparadise.com.

Over the past several years Minerals Paradise excellence has stood out from the conventional businesses by providing seamless support and delivering the excellent quality minerals and gemstones to its customers. Over 10k sales on ebay, over 3k sales on etsy and astounding 45k plus followers on instagram; makes it a trustworthy name for online minerals and gemstones. The key to our success is our customer support that aligns with our mission “providing satisfactory customer online buying experience at any cost”. Our gemologist team has over 15 years of field and on the ground experience; who are responsible to bring the most authentic and natural mineral for our customers; and to make sure that every single item that we bring online has exact detail that we put out to our customer.

Muhammad Majid

Company is led by CEO Muhammad Majid.

Majid born and raised in Peshawar; Graduated from Peshawar University and has boundless passion for minerals and gemstones. During his career he has established very good reputation as a business man. He has successfully built his business with a team of 19 members; and office in Peshawar with a three story warehouse.

He has also attended different international shows like Tucson Gem Show (USA), Saint Mary Gem Show (France), The Munich Gem Exhibition (Germany) and (Italy).

See our international minerals exhibitions gallary Here.

Muhammad Yasir

Muhammad Yasir is Head of Loose Gemstones Section.

Muhammad Yasir born and raised in Peshawar; Yasir is known in the Peshawar Namak Mandi Market as guru of Loose Gemstones. He is a trained gemologist; he started his journey from a very young age of 15 where he was trained by his father.

With insight into the needs for both small manufacturing jewellers as well as large companies. Eager to share his expertise and making a difference in the industry, he started training other gemologist in Namak Mandi Market, he finds training on Gemology to be a rewarding way to stay informed, further develop his own skills, and encourage others to get involved.

Email Yasir @: info.mineralsparadise@gmail.com
Whatsapp Yasir @: +92 334 6661113

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If you are a rock hound, mineral collector, crystal lover, jeweler or looking for gemstone for yourself or your loved ones you have come to the right place; we work in all kind and types of minerals and gemstones like rough crystals, raw minerals, beads, cabochons, cut stones or loose gemstones and specimens.

If you are new to Crystals, Gemstones and Minerals please view our blog Basics of Crystals, Gemstones and Minerals.

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There are hundreds of article on google and other blogs where you can search for your birthstone here is our article Find your birthstone. Birthstones can be used in rings, necklace and other jewelry. Birthstones are a beautiful gift for special occasions like anniversary, new year, valentine's gift or birthday present.

If you believe in metaphysical properties of crystals and gemstones, forexample some folks believe that crystals and gemstones bring positive energy, good luck, love and prevents from illness. Please read our metaphysical gemstone blog Find your holistic gem and crystal

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